SPECIALTY: Psychiatry/Mental Health.

CLINICAL SITE: Chicago Lakeshore Hospital



ELIGIBILITY: All Medical Students and Medical Graduates are eligible to apply.


  1. Recommendation letters/Graduation Certificates
  2. Academic Transcript
  3. CV/Resume

DESCRIPTION: 100% inpatient, hands-on externship experience with a Clinical Director at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, with specialization in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Trainees will be exposed to a diverse patient population (adult and children) covering a wide variety of diseases and psychopathology in several different clinical environments. Trainees will have hands-on patient interaction in an inpatient, hospital setting, as well as exposure to clinic environments for continued hands-on experience. Lakeshore Hospital is one of the leading Dual Diagnosis centers in Chicago, specializing in psychiatric and alcohol or drug dependency issues. Preceptor has extensive experience at top institutions and has been teaching medical students and residents on a regular basis for over 10 years. Hospital-letterhead recommendation.