Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health – DIM&PH


This program is from the  Institute for International Medicine(INMED), USA and is designed for healthcare professionals and students in the clinical fields wishing to complement their education with both academic skills and clinical experience in international medicine. Equipped in this way, recipients of the INMED Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health will be prepared to lead comprehensive disease intervention and health promotion efforts in low-resource communities.

To qualify for this diploma, students should complete the 20weeks online International Medicine and Public Health hybrid Course and at least one month of supervised clinical work(International Service Learning Experience).


 TUITION: 1200usd      +      1000usd               =            DIM&PH


International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course.

Course Description: This Course is a hybrid: 20 weeks online, plus 3 days in- classroom for workshops, skill stations, and final exams. Students who join this course will be giving invitation to join the in-classroom session at the Harvard Medical School Affiliate Hospital in Boston or Harvard Extension School in China.

Competency Objectives:  At the completion of the INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course, students will be able to:

  • Prevent, diagnose and treat leading diseases of poverty
  • Prevent, diagnose and treat HIV infection
  • Provide for the health of pregnant women and newborns
  • Demonstrate proficiency in clinical skills used in low-resource settings
  • Advance community-wide health promotion and death/disability prevention
  • Assure that healthcare is culturally appropriate
  • Mitigate disaster risk and respond to disaster events
  • Design and implement healthcare as part of a leadership team
  • Transfer healthcare skills to other personnel 

The Course will particularly address the following subjects:

  • Diseases of Poverty
  • International HIV Medicine
  • Maternal-Newborn Health
  • Clinical Skills used in low-resource settings
  • International Public Health
  • Cross-Cultural Skills
  • Disaster Management
  • International Health Leadership
  • Healthcare Education
    Contact Hours: The number of contact hours for the online section of the course is 50 hours. The number of contact hours for the in-classroom section of the course is 24 hours. Grand total contact hours is 74.

    Student Time Requirements: Students will need to devote about 10 hours each two weeks to the online section of the course.Questions: There is a Q & A Forum available to post questions for the instructor .Computing Requirements: Each student must have access to a personal computer capable of wireless Internet access for the online assignments, in- class sessions, and for participation in the final examinations.Course tuition: The tuition fee for this course is 1200usd.




    Student may participation in the in-classroom Section in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in September  or in Shenyang, China in October each year.

    In-Classroom INMED Course Schedule 2017 Boston MA Sep 7 – 9



   International Service Learning Experience.

The INMED service-learning builds upon the cognitive knowledge and skills gained through the International Medicine and Public Health hybrid course by giving learners quality supervised field experience through which to apply their knowledge and skills.

Training Sites

INMED cooperates with numerous international health facilities to provide exceptional educational experiences. Site selection is done with attention to safety, accessibility, instructor credentials, ease of communications, and the evaluations of former participants.

List of training sites

Diploma Via Equivalency

INMED endeavors to recognize excellent international medicine and public health service-learning experience provided by other institutions towards qualification for INMED Diploma recognition.


In application for equivalency, the student must provide documentation that the experience will:

  • Provide healthcare to a low-resource community
  • Be continuously supervised by a mentor whose qualifications are described below
  • Be at least one month in continuous duration (2 weeks is acceptable for practicing professionals)

Supervisor Qualifications

Potential supervisors of INMED Service-Learning students must:

  • Complete the Supervisor Agreement to Oversee INMED Learners Form
  • Submit to INMED a professional resume or curriculum vitae for consideration
  • Be fully licensed to practice their profession in their nation
  • Possess as least five years of professional experience
  • Guarantee continuous supervision of the INMED learner
  • Promptly submit an evaluation of the INMED learner at completion of the experience
  • Higher consideration will be given to potential INMED Supervisors with research, publication and academic teaching experience


Service-Learning Approval Fee is $1000 for International Medicine & Public Health Service-Learning experience.


1)   Submit international training site location & description (or reference to a website that fully describes the facility) and service-learning dates for approval by INMED )

  • Provide supervisor contact information
  • Dates must be 4 weeks minimum (2 weeks is acceptable for practicing professionals)

2)   Complete the Hybrid Course corresponding to the diploma for which you are applying:

  • International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course 

3) Submit the Diploma Application online:

  • Application for Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health 

4)   Pay Service-Learning Approval Fee

  • Send INMED your International Flight Itinerary, and we can provide travel insurance for up to 60 days, liability insurance (for medical personnel) for up to 30 days, and registration with the U.S. State Department.

5)   Upon return, submit the following documentation to INMED:

  • INMED Essay
  • Supervisor Evaluation
  • INMED Evaluation
  • Presentation Outline

6)   Once these documents are evaluated to satisfaction, you will receive the diploma by mail and will be eligible to use the credentials corresponding to your diploma: DIM&PH (Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health).

Questions? Please contact Dr Adu-Domfeh Paul at paul@medforum.cn